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About Us

At Carson Online School, we recognize that no two students are alike. Students come from multitudes of different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. As a result, each student has different challenges and learns better in different ways. With support from our team and our caring teachers, your child will thrive in a flexible environment built for his or her individualized approach to learning.

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Caring Teachers

Carson Online School employs only the most committed and proficient teachers. Our educators are specially selected for their ability to connect with students in a digital environment and promote wholesome, meaningful growth in a virtual classroom. Carson Online School’s educators can be reached any time your child needs a little help. Teachers are accessible for one-on-one interaction 5:00am to 8:00pm PST, Monday through Friday, when your child needs some extra-personalized attention to grasp that elusive concept. When late night study sessions get frustrating, Carson Online School offers 24/7 tutoring to help your child surmount any obstacle.

Tech That Works

Carson Online School offers a technologically advanced education that goes beyond what is offered in schools. Technology is at the forefront of everything we do. Interactive web tools allow your child to get a hands-on education, even behind a computer screen. It’s easier than ever for our students to learn by doing.

Innovative Courses

Carson Online School’s powerful and comprehensive curriculum offers all of the courses found in a traditional school in a powerfully accessible way. Your child will have access to a multitude of online courses in six subject areas that cover all of the information necessary to graduate with a high school diploma. Find a place with Internet access, settle in, and explore a wealth of material with just a few clicks and keystrokes.

A Real High School Diploma

When your child finally leaves the digital halls of Carson Online School, they will walk away with something to show for it. Because Carson Online School is an accredited program offered by a nationally recognized charter school, your child’s diploma will carry all the weight of a diploma earned at a traditional high school. Your child will have a diploma to hang on the wall with pride and a mark of success that will make potential employers take notice.

Support You Can Count On

Carson Online School knows that all students can feel “stuck” in school. It happens. Thankfully, we provide all the tools your child needs to get un-“stuck”. Carson Online School’s support team is expansive and specially trained to guide our students past any obstacle. Qualified teachers, teaching assistants, student achievement coordinators, and 24/7 technical support are never more than an email away.