The key benefit of a Carson Online School education is the ability to receive a top-notch education in an unprecedentedly flexible way. Thanks to our digital tools, it has never been easier to take control of your education. When your child enrolls at Carson Online School, he or she enrolls in a program specifically built to accommodate a busy lifestyle and make goals more attainable. Your student can prepare for the future with confidence.

Now Enrolling Students in Grades K-12!

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Instant Help, All The Time

Our students are never left to stagnate or fall behind. From our professional teachers to our expert student achievement coordinators, Carson Online School offers all the tools—human and otherwise—that your child needs to persevere in the educational excursion. Your child can communicate instantaneously with teachers and other students to find support if there is danger of falling behind in coursework. If a student wants the comfort of a personalized conversation, he or she can even use a phone to talk with teachers and get some much needed support. Carson Online School’s teachers are available 5:00am to 8:00pm PST, Monday through Friday, for personalized 1:1 interaction.

Earn Your Diploma, The Right Way

Carson Online School is powered by an accredited, nationally recognized charter school in Carson City School District. This means your child walks away with a diploma that will carry them as far as a diploma from a traditional school. A high school diploma is crucial step in achieving professional success. Why not get one from the comfort of home with digital tools and virtual aids that make it easier than ever before? Your child can earn a regionally and nationally recognized diploma on a personalized schedule and on the merit of individual achievement.

Learn Anywhere, Study Anytime

Your child does not have to sacrifice time or money to receive a first-rate education. Carson Online School is all about enhancing the freedom of the high school institution. At Carson Online School, your child can learn anywhere there is an Internet connection. Our courses are 100% online and fueled by powerful digital tools to supplement a meaningful education. Learn when and where it is convenient for you and your child while still engaging with the people and activities that are most important. We mold our courses around you and your lifestyle.

A Respected Education

Carson Online School is a world-class education program brought to students by a certified charter school. Your child will receive an education on par with the best educational institutions in the country in a flexible way at no cost to you. Teachers who specialize in online education will be there you guide your child every step of the way.