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How It Works

There is no denying that we live in a digital age. Modern technology has influenced all aspects of society and impacted millions of people in countless ways. Think of all the ways that the Internet has changed our world. Today’s youth are growing up in a time unlike any other in history. They are raised around technology that makes the world more connected and information more easily accessible. Carson Online School is changing how students learn, how teachers teach, and how you can manage your child’s education.

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Free of Charge, But Full of Value

Carson Online School is an entirely free education option. Because Carson Online School is funded by the same resources that power traditional schools, your child can attend Carson Online School at no charge. At no cost to you, your child can have access to the most advanced and accessible education in the state. We offer a school experience free of distractions, and one of the most potent distractions is the worry over money. At Carson Online School, your child receives only the most essential and impactful education without having to worry about money.

Our Teachers Will Unlock Success

At Carson Online School, our teachers are the first line of educational excellence. Teachers are available Monday through Friday by WebMail, Phone, or LiveLesson. Office hours are posted for each course and teachers also accept meetings by appointment. Our virtual whiteboard allows students to visually grasp concepts and engage with their teacher over a wireless connection. No matter how your child learns, they will find tools that best suit their learning style available at all hours of the day.

Our Commitment Is Your Child’s Success

The dedicated staff at Carson Online School defines its success by your child’s success. Our teachers excel at teaching in a digital environment and display mastery of web-based education tools. Our passionate student achievement coordinators are always on hand to guide your child through the orientation process, connect them with their teachers, and answer any and all questions. Our educators are adept at educating students through alternative means. From the first day to graduation day, our staff is concerned with nothing less than ultimate success for every student.